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About 1Export

Driven by a team of young professionals, the company aims to be a seamless and efficient tech-enabled group that will help lower down the barriers of exporting and innovate global trade.

1Export’s mission is to successfully lower down the barriers of trade by helping businesses export their products to new and exciting markets. The company was established in 2016 and has since then, garnered over 200 suppliers of Food and Agricultural products.

1Export ensures that their agricultural suppliers provide nothing short of the best and freshest fruits & vegetables in South East Asia. Aside from agricultural products, the company also has an amazing variety of packaged consumer goods that are grocery and household favorites. With the wide variety of products that 1Export offers, the goal of helping businesses #GoGlobal becomes clearer and clearer every day.

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Our Profile

The foundation of 1Export is set on the belief of establishing an exporting system that goes beyond existing limitations that any country may face; a system that successfully operates to overcome any trade barriers by providing transparent, fluid, and efficient partnerships with clients. 1Export envisions a culture where all businesses are empowered through the ease of accessibility to any and all means of exporting.

“To establish low-barrier trading environment globally that operates seamlessly and efficiently with all businesses in all countries.”

1Export aims to break the barriers of the exporting industry by providing businesses new opportunities that enable companies to build a well-established presence on the international market. The company nurtures and helps businesses for them to be globally competitive by instilling a culture of efficiency and innovation through consistent and transparent international connections.

“To provide new and efficient innovative trade solutions for the exporting needs of businesses all over the world.”

Our Solution

For those who are interested in exporting products.

1Export helps different suppliers and manufacturers grow globally by providing easy and efficient exporting solutions to bring down the barriers of trade and provide a larger market access.


1Export has buyers from different countries like USA, Qatar, Australia, Singapore and China.

Products are offered to the different markets that we are connected with. We carry a wide variety of different products from fresh produce, frozen meat and packaged goods.


1Export makes sure that your products are export-ready by helping you get all the necessary exporting documents.

After doing business matching and confirming the orders, all the necessary documents and compliances that are needed to export the product are handled by our team.


1Export understands that each country has different types of requirements in product labels.

Aside from processing necessary documents, we also offer to relabel and assist with the translation of your products to the importing country’s regulations and standards.

Order Processing & Payment

1Export is an end-to-end service, we help suppliers and buyers with managing the payment securely for the protection of both our suppliers and buyers.

Our team assures that before we process everything, there’s already a certified purchaser.

1Export helps international buyers grow their business by delivering reliable, competitive and high quality products.

Sourcing and Matching

1Export is partnered with multiple businesses in South East Asia. With products ranging from agriculture to packaged goods, we have hundreds of products that you can choose from.

All of our suppliers are evaluated to make sure they cater to all of your needs; be it price, quality, production capacity, and other factors alike.

You can also send us product specifications and the 1Export team will source the requirement at your target price points.


1Export recognizes that each country has different types of requirements in product labels.

Relabeling and assistance with the translation of product labels are done to comply with the country’s regulations and standards.

Order Processing

1Export guarantees that we deliver all the products on time.

We provide end-to-end facilitation. By providing manpower for sales and production, we handle everything in the exporting process making sure that all products are export-ready.

We partner with freight and trucking charges to make sure goods are delivered at competitive prices, at the best quality, at the port of destination.

What our customers think about us?

“They’re efficient, reliable, and easy. Easy because they make everything seems easy. I know there’s a team behind 1Export but from our end, they just give us requirements to submit and they do all the work.”

Francine Uy
Fresh Start Organic
Supplier since 2018

“1Export has really helped us in understanding the exporting industry better. It was through them that we are now available in two countries where we never exported to before.”

Nico Petisme
Moringa & More
Supplier since 2016

“1Export originally was helping companies to export their products and because they understand the whole process, they have been able to help us to source new products, and to get suppliers ready for the market information.”

Bob Harris
DHN Trading
Buyer since 2019

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1Export offers different services in making sure that all your products are export ready.

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