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We are a tech-enabled exporting company that provides a one-stop end-to-end exporting platform that provides services to any and all trading businesses around the world.

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About 1Export

About 1Export

Driven by a team of young professionals, the company aims to be a seamless and efficient tech-enabled group that will help lower down the barriers of exporting and innovate global trade.

1Export’s mission is to successfully lower down the barriers of trade by helping MSMEs export their products to new and exciting markets. The company was established in 2016 and has since then, garnered over 200 suppliers of Food and Agricultural products. As a Philippine based company, most of the suppliers the company is working with are focused on providing fresh & healthy fruits and assorted fruit products from various MSMEs. 1Export ensures that their agricultural suppliers provide nothing short of the best and freshest fruits & vegetables in South East Asia. Aside from agricultural products, the company also has an amazing variety of packaged consumer goods that are grocery and household favorites. With the wide variety of products that 1Export offers, the goal of making all MSMEs go global becomes clearer and clearer every day.

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